Sunday 1 February 2009

EGO Bargains Feb 6 2009

January has closed on a chilly note, the recession is biting and we are all looking for ways to maintain a green lifestyle while staying afloat. And how we spend our money is important: we all want green and ethical businesses to come thorough the hard times, and they need us now more than ever. Many small businesses are struggling, so let's support them when we can - especially when they have great bargains on offer!

1. Of course we had to have a Valentine's Day offer, and we found some nice ideas right here at Love Eco.

2. You'll find vibrant and colourful things for your children at Babi Pur and everything is from fair trade producers or made locally in Wales. And guess what - they have a sale on right now! Shop with confidence for your baby or toddler, everything is ethically sourced and of the highest quality. We stock organic cotton baby clothes, Fairtrade certified cotton baby clothes, bamboo baby clothing, natural skincare and fair trade toys and clothes so you can keep your baby green and stylish.

3. If you are still in need of adult's or children's warm outer clothing this winter, Seasalt are selling a late delivery of jackets and waterproofs at cut prices - take a look here.

4. Peruvian Connection weaves fashion, art and culture into luxurious clothing and accessories. Every garment and piece of jewellery is completely original. Women's clothing up to 33% off. and men's up to 50% off and a clearance sale with up to 80% off!

5. The Go Green Company have some great power-saving gadgets - but what really caught my eye there was a big reduction of real sheep's wool duvets - just right for February nights.

6. Here's a very interesting concept for connecting borrowers and lenders that actually sidesteps the credit crunch and the banks! Zopa is a lending and borrowing exchange, offering loans of £1000 to £15000 for up to 5 years. They are also one of the only loan providers allowing borrowers to repay their loan early with no penalty or sneaky fees, so it's a really flexible loan. And, by the way, Zopa lenders also offer loans at some of the lowest rates in the market. Unlike the high street banks, they have no shortage of funds, so there's no credit crunch here!