Monday, 12 January 2009

EGO Bargains Jan 12 2009

The High Street in going through its biggest shake-down for years, and who knows what the future may hold - but one thing is for sure: ethical, green and organic retailers need your support now so they can be there for you when things pick up. Buy less by all means, but when you do spend money, make it count!

1. Greenfibres have their biggest ever sale until the end of January with substantial reductions. Greenfibres have always been leaders in the organic textiles field, and their products reflect the care they put in to ethical and organic sourcing.

2. Are you looking for food supplements to help you through the winter? Take a look for a great range of 'natural state' vitamins and minerals, including many vegetarian and vegan items.

3. Feeling lonely? Take a look through the Natural Friends directory for free using this link and see if there is anyone there who takes your fancy!

4. Thinking of getting a bike ready for spring? Take a look at the biggest UK cycle retailer. They do bikes, bits for bikes, and things you wear when riding bikes. They have cut their prices and are giving away gift vouchers too!

5. Sometimes we need the convenience of a credit card, but now you can have one that will never get you into debt! The new BREAD card is a pre-paid Maestro that can be used exactly like a credit or debit card, but you can only spend what you put in - ideal for funding children and students, as well as managing your own bills. No monthly fees, no credit checks and no interest payments - just charge it up from your bank account or with cash.

6. A Gossypium voucher code: A7DJRQ will still give you 10% off when entered at the checkout.

7. If you have a few notes to spare this month, how about passing some to Greenpeace to support their excellent work? To make it easy for you, click here