Monday, 20 April 2009

EGO Bargains April 20 2009

In most of Britain the spring has been glorious, for once, and I think this has contributed to a more general optimism than was apparent only a couple of months ago. It may be too soon to suggest that we are on the road to recovery, but at least the patient has survived the winter. Many organic and ethical companies are struggling, as people look for bargains and set aside their principles - but we need to support those businesses that are trying hard to do the right thing: after all, we want them to still be there when times are better.

1. Greenfibres has a new catalogue out, with some great products - they are one of the older organic clothing suppliers and pride themselves on exceptional customer service. Take a look at their new range - and remember to check out the sales bargains.

2. Triodos Bank is not one of the big, High Street banks that everyone knows - but because of their ethical standards, they didn't suffer the same traumas last year: when their competitors fell apart, Triodos stayed strong and continues to offer the same secure returns as it always has. If you are looking for a safe and ethical place to invest your savings, you might want to take a look at Triodos Bank

3. Did you know that you could actually save money by going green? This site tells you how! They say - No matter what life style you have today, everything you need to know about saving money and helping the planet is all in this book

4. Growing your own food was always a good idea, and now it is becoming essential for many people as a way of stretching the budget as well as providing fresher, greener and tastier veg for your table. Evengreener have a great range of compost bins, boxes and kitchen caddies to make the whole process of making your own fertilizer less smelly and more natural.

5. 'Sustainable shoes' is not a phrase you hear often, so check out Terraplana's amazing range of footwear - including the incredibly comfortable 'barefoot' range. Your feet will be pleased you did!

6. Have you ever thought of keeping bees? Have a free read of this article by 'Barefoot Beekeeper' Phil Chandler and see how easy it can bee!